Saturday, October 8, 2016

Greek Goddess Costume for Halloween Party or Prom Night

Here's a sketch of this 2 Piece Greek Goddess Costume....with suggested costume jewellery to complete the look

Start with the Basic Bodice 

  1. Draw out the Bodice with your own Shoulder, Bust and Waist Measurements on folded paper
  2. Open up the paper and cut open the neck to chest area as shown and close up dart on the right side of  the bodice, but leave the left side uncut 

Create the One Shoulder Look

  1. Lengthen the bodice (about 6 to 8 inches) for tuck in allowance
  2. Cut off the left side shoulder and cut open across from the neck to the waist for gathering allowance
  3. To keep it simple and easy, front and back measurement is the same, so you have to cut out 2 pieces.

Sewing the Zipper and fastening the attachment

  1. Fasten the zipper with the opening at the bottom and ends near the top
  2. Sew the attachment with gathers on one end and fasten to the garment on the shoulder area with a brooch

Creating the Overlap Skirt

  1. Draft the skirt pattern with your waist and hip measurements 
  2. Leave an extra about 9cm at the front for overlapping allowance
  3. Attach the waistband and fastener (using button / buttonhole or hook)

Finish The Look with a Golden Sash

Create a Sash with gold colored ribbons