DIY Fashion Accessories

DIY Bracelet

Sometimes you should add some fashion accessories to complement an outfit.  Here is a simple diy bracelet that can help you accomplish that.  

The Materials Needed for Making this DIY Bracelet

1. Pliers for cutting and shaping.
2. Beads (6 to 8 pcs depending on size)
3. Extra 2 different beads for the sides)
4. 2.5 ft long string of any materials (preferably leather or velvet)
5. Size 8-10 Aluminium wire (the best and cheapest).  Make sure the size of the wire can fit into the beads you intend to use).  

1. Cut off the end of the wire, leaving just enough allowance to form a loop.
2. Turn the wire into a loop using the tip of the pliers. 

1.  Cut the string into 2 parts
2.  Fold the string in two and insert into one side of the loop to fasten it. 
3.  Before you tie a knot at the end of the string, adjust the the length on your hand to estimate the size of your wrist.
4.  Repeat the same on the other side of the loop.
5.  Seal the end of the string by using glue or heating it. (I find it easier to use glue than heating as it might get burnt accidentally).

Other DIY Fashion Accessory Ideas

Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendants

Make several wire wrapped pendants in different colors to complement any outfit.

DIY Cluster Pendants

Make your own cluster pendant to match a simple t-shirt for casual wear.

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