Sleeveless Summer Blouse

Loose Fitting Sleeveless Summer Blouse of Light Cotton Material.

Below is a diagram to guide and assist you to measure the body measurements for the above pattern.

  1. Your Shoulder Measurement (that's where you want your armhole to be from your shoulder) divide by 2. 
  2. Your Front Shoulder Down Measurement (depends on how cut-in you want your armhole) divide by 2.
  3. Your Chest (your bust measurement) divide by 4.
  4. Your Neck to Chest (the length between your neck and the pt of your bust).

Paper Pattern for Front & Back is the same except the neckline

On Cloth

The back opening fasten with clasp-on button

Finish off by sewing 3 rows of elastic, 3 to 4 cm above the hem line

Add a wired crystal pendant for that Chic Feminine Look

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